The parish pastoral council is a consultative body for the pastor. The purpose of the Council shall be to enhance the quality of parish life and its pastoral activity. Specifically, the Council shall assist the Pastor as a prayerful consultative body in the following areas:

  1. Pastoral planning and goal setting so as to carry out the mission of the Church in our parish and extended community
  2. Developing and implementing pastoral programs to serve the needs of St. Jude Parish
  3. Improving pastoral services
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of pastoral programs by listening to the concerns of parishioners and encouraging and engaging in open communication with the entire parish community

Elected Members

  • Mrs. C’Ann Reilly (chair)
  • Mr. Lou Pytlak (vice-chair)
  • Mrs. Erin Twigg-Yoders
  • Mrs. Norma Schoene
  • Mr. Pat Philipps
  • Representatives
  • Mrs. Amy Klug (fish fry)
  • Mrs. Mary Sue Rodrigues (DRE)
  • Mrs. Barb Klos (Maintenance Committee)
  • Mrs. Marianne Philipps (women’s guild)

Current Meeting Minutes: