St. Jude Scrip Program

Buying gift cards can earn the church money for programs. Through Great Lakes Scrip St. Jude will earn money while we do our everyday shopping. All you have to do is purchase gift cards through this program. All your favorite retailers are available. Each card purchased carries an associated “contribution” of 2-18% or more back to the parish. Groceries, clothing, dining out, home improvements, even gasoline can all be purchased with Scrip.

The St. Jude Scrip program needs you. Pick up a self explanatory form as you enter/leave church. Drop your order and check in the collection or bring by the office. We’re always happy to help you. Scrip earns money for the church with no extra cost to you. It just takes a little good habit forming.

You can also order Scrip online! Go to to register. The St. Jude enrollment code needed is:  FL2B8A3L22816.

All orders submitted by Monday will be ready to pick up at the Sunday Masses.

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger wants to give us money! Through the Kroger Community Rewards Program, we can earn money for St. Jude just by linking our Kroger Plus Savings Card with our church. Find out all the details at or

Sign up and register your card. Once registered link your card to St. Jude by editing your Kroger Community Rewards information.
Enter St. Jude by providing our non-profit organization number:  90143.  THANKS!

Or call Kroger at 1-800-837-4483 to get information on how to register.

Don’t have a Kroger Savings Plus card and not interested in getting one, just remember the church phone number! Yes, you can give the cashier at the check out the telephone number 304-845-2646 and earn instant savings, while the church is recognized through Kroger Community Rewards.